Thanks to ...

At this place I would like to,among many others, to thank to:

My parents;
My sister Eva;
My whole family;

My country, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic;
My teachers;

My friends outside of the list;
... and also notably to Gudrun, Françis, Anne, Anne, Cécile, Peter, Annick, Antonya Wolfram, Michael, David, Marcus a Corella, Elise, Andrew, Rupert, Susie, Julie a Keith, Michel, Fred, Patricia, Fabrice, Eolhia, Cristalina, Alain, Julia, Rita, Inês, Joana, Adriana, Paula, Minkyu, Samia, Jenny, Silka, Markuss, MUDr.Ludvík Nébělk, Boris Koroni, Peter Kršiak ...
My patient models out of the list;
... and also notably to Julien, Morgan, Eva, Branko, Mathilde, Amandine, Cécile, Cécile, Louise, Marie, Adèle, Janka, Pista, Philippe, Franck, Paula, Elise, Fabrice, Eolhia, Louise, Antoine, Luc, Rudic, Amber, Rita, Inês, Joana, Rita, Roberta, Zuzana, Tiffany, Christel, Chloé, Marine, Rachel, Agathe, Léa, Kévin, Laetitia, Virginie, Alexia, Viviane, Julie, Lucie, Enora, Melanie, Manon, Ana & Jan, Enikő, Réka, Majka, Andrejka, Gabika, Alizée, Jessie, Malaury, Hervé, Benoit, Tristan, Audrey, Audrey, Marie Angélique, Lucy, Anaïs, Alexandra, Gertrud, Gabika, Dominika, Anita, Sisa, Sabina, Zuzka, Jano, Andrejka, Sofinka, Elodie, Bryan, Mélanie, MUDr.Ludvík Nébělk, Boris Koroni, Peter Kršiak, Norbert Lichtner, Vanessa, Rémi ...

to circumstances;
to so-called "chance ";

... and to all gods - past, present and future ones ...

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